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Feed of thought

14 Apr

Well yesterday I was talking about music and learning Level 42’s Mr Pink. I can now play the intro to the track at full speed, the chorus at 80% and I can scrape the verse at 60% though I’m still fighting new techniques to master what I’m trying to learn.

Today though, I’ve started thinking again. I’ve been thinking a lot today, trying to look after my friends. I’ve been thinking about ways of learning things and thinking about things I’d like to learn. I have a habit of finding very unusual things to read and understand and study.

One of the books I’ve been reading recently is by Victor Wooten. It’s called “A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music” and it’s one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever read. It’s a very thoughtful and a very deep book. Having done a little studying of the Master, and I use the capital “M” on purpose, I would like to read Bruce Lee’s “The Tao of Jeet Kune Do”. It is a spiritual feeling book, it has a very… Deep feeling to it, an understanding of things from real truth. Something we never normally see.

In a very similar vein of thought and spiritual understanding is a book from the 1600’s written by Samurai, Miyamoto Musashi. This one is called “The Book of Five Rings” and is another that I intend to purchase and study in the near future.

Bruce trained 6 days a week, and seriously hard. He truly mastered his body. But he also studied when he was incapable of training due to work. One of the books that became a bible to him was a book by Jiddu Krishnamurti called “Life Ahead” which I would also like to read for my own understanding. I feel I’ve read many things that are made up, things that claim to be true. These things are based on the world though, not on real truth. So I would like to read the real truths as discovered by these people so I can make the journey myself.

This is something that I shall have to keep updated for myself. I will be saving these thoughts for myself from now on. But I may still copy days of thought here if requested by people. Stay strong. x


Music makes the world go round

13 Apr

Well today I realised I’ve got nearly no money left in my account and even less in my pocket. So I did the decent thing and bought some music. A little background, I’m a bass player. Double bass, electric bass, fretless bass, I even sing bass in choirs.

But anyway. I bought some music and began learning it. Couldn’t have chosen anything much more complicated I don’t think, as I bought a Level 42 compilation album. About 30 tracks of funk/pop bass. Very hard to play. So that’s my task for the next few months, in and among my studies for my exams in May.

I’m sure I’ll keep myself updated so I know how far I’ve got. Currently got the intro to Mr Pink and the chorus nailed at about 70% speed. And nearly there with the verse sections at about 60%.